Law enforcement to impound your defective vehicle this festive season

Photo for illustration purposes only. PHOTO: Supplied

Vehicle maintenance is part and parcel of the ownership process. As a vehicle ages, it becomes more prone to worn out or defective parts.

This, by definition of the law, can make it unroadworthy by putting the driver, passengers and other road users at risk.

This festive season, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has made claim that the police will not hesitate to impound vehicles at roadblocks should they not be roadworthy.

Kicking off the campaign ahead of the festive season, a time when arterial routes and national passages become congested with holiday makers and as such, road fatalities increase, the press release details components owners must ensure are in working order.

“Law enforcement operations are being stepped up on the roads, and officers have vowed to clamp down on unroadworthy vehicles as they contribute to road crashes and fatalities. No excuses will be accepted.”

Roadblocks which are currently operational throughout the country are specifically looking for the following defects which will result in an impounded vehicle:

  • Defective brakes
  • Defective lights
  • Worn tyres
  • Cracked windscreens

The RTMC accredits this strict ‘no excuses to be accepted’ clamp down to reduce the number of road fatalities typical during the local festive season. “Law enforcement officers will not hesitate to discontinue and even impound vehicles with the above defects.”

In addition, this will be a major headache for the owner considering ‘the impoundment of a vehicle will cause great inconvenience as they will have to fix the vehicle at extra costs and have the vehicle taken for roadworthy tests before it is allowed on the road again. This will be in addition to traffic fines and impoundment fees’.

The RTMC advises that motorists ensure these defects are dealt with to avoid having their trips interrupted by ‘foreseeable and preventable factors’. In addition, heavy rainfalls mean that wipers will also be inspected in roadblocks to ensure they are functioning optimally.

Before embarking on a long and enjoyable journey with family or friends, it is worth ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy.

George Herald