Last notice to MMM

Peaceful protest at MMM on 24 August 2021

After many meetings and pleads with the Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM), the Mangaung Service Delivery Forum (MSDF) and other stakeholders in the Shutdown Movement have resolved to organise and stage the last protest march on 23/09/2021.

This protest shall give the Free State Provincial Government, the premier, Sisi Ntombela, and MMM a 7 days’ notice to respond to memorandum demands to be handed over and the immediate implementation of the resolutions taken during previous meetings.

In two press statements released by the MSDF, the group says the protest that will take place on 23/09/2021 will be the last march they embark on and therefore, if the Premier, together with the MMM, continues to undermine them, they will be forced to have a total shutdown. “If the premier and the MMM choose not to implement the previous resolutions and meet the current demands set out in the memorandums, a peaceful, total shutdown will immediately follow.”

Following are some of the demands from MSDF to the premier and the MMM:

  1. Accountability and redress of the Bloemfontein CBD taxi rank in line with the taxi industry resolutions and the initial taxi rank plan to address congestion and lack of safety to pedestrians and the road users.
  2. Attention to the poor and bad state of the roads, especially where public transport is affected, forcing mainly the taxi industry to repair and maintain vehicles at heavy costs and frequently so.
  3. Suspension of metro police establishment and launching until all correct procedures have been followed and the MMM has a budget for service delivery as a priority.
  4. Immediate investigations into Centlec’s wasteful expenditure for years that has cost people to be overcharged for electricity and the immediate removal of the Centlec board chairperson, based on the AGSA’s audit reports.
  5. Attempts to axe the acting city manager for invalid reasons shall not be accepted and the MSDF calls upon political heads to stop harassing and interfering with his management and administration responsibilities.
  6. Destea’s failure to allocate Covid-19 relief funds and financial support to small businesses and the release of beneficiaries’ details as relevant beneficiaries were not assisted or did not benefit need to be corrected.
  7. Stop employment of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants and foreigners must only be allowed to open business in SA if their investment is at least a minimum of R5million.

Corn Koteli