Land owner speaks out on granny’s eviction

Matokelo Taole (99) has been living in Phase Four for over 20 years with her daughter and two granddaughters. PHOTO: SEITHATI SEMENOKANE

The owner of the land where Matokelo Taole (99) resides in Phase 4 said he has an eviction order but has not implemented it.

Bloemfontein Courant previously reported in our 14 March 2019 issue, regarding the pending eviction of Taole on her 99th birthday.

The municipality moved the four families to these sites, however, a few years later the families were given a new map, indicating that they had mistakenly been moved to an area earmarked for business development and not for residency.

Meshack Moloi said that the land was advertised, and he purchased it while the families were residing there. “We have been trying to negotiate with the municipality to have them relocated, but the municipality was not willing. Hence we had to take legal action. Moloi showed Bloemfontein Courant postponement requests from the municipality, stating that it would intervene but is yet to do so.

“The municipality has constantly been asking for postponement in court, but is yet to come up with a solution. I’ve tried constantly to get a response from the municipality, yet nothing has happened.”

Mangaung spokesperson Qondile Khedama confirmed that the municipality was aware of the matter. “There were four families affected and our Department of Human Settlement intervened by investigating the complaint immediately after the matter had been reported to us. It was investigated by Ntate Letawana, General Manager: Dispute Resolution in the same department. The recommendation was that we must relocate the three families and provide them with alternative sites. They qualify for informal settlements sites as they have been verified as indigents,” he said.

Khedama added that the three families agreed to the relocation and they were allocated sites in Ward 45. “The remaining family was consulted by our Human Settlement office and during the screening process it was discovered that they do not qualify for a free site and they have built their own house on site. This family were advised of the outcome and they informed the HS officials that they would buy the site from the owner, as an offer had already been made.”

He further stated should the remaining family wish to be assisted by the municipality, they would be required to buy a site from the municipality.

In the meantime, land owner Meshack Moloi, said he would wait on the municipality to come to the four families’ assistance and would not be acting on the eviction court order, which would have had the family move out on 4 March 2019. – Seithati Semenokane