Lack of water and sanitation the biggest human right violation

Photo: Supplied

The right to water and proper sanitation are the most violated human right in the Free State Province. This is according to the South African Human Rights Commission’s Provincial Senior Legal Office, Shirley Mlombo.

Mlombo says it’s concerning that the province and the country at large is still crippling with issues pertaining to poor service delivery.

She says several communities suffer from a backlog of proper provision for water and sanitation.

“We currently have a number of complaints on water and sanitation from bucket toilets to unserviced sewerage systems. Some communities experience raw sewage on their streets. It is a huge problem in the province,” she said.

She says they are currently resolving individual complaints. She adds that in most cases they have completed investigations, however, still need to prepare investigative reports.

Mlombo says they aim to release these reports in the upcoming fiscal year.

Katleho Morapela/ Courant News