Knowing your giants


Do you know the strength you have in God? When we look at Numbers 13 we can see that we are always left with a choice. Moses sent out Joshua, Caleb and ten others to explore the land and its possibilities. The ten came back saying the land was full of good fruit, but they would struggle to defeat the giants. Joshua and Caleb saw the same land as the other ten. They came back full of hope that if they focused on God all would be fine.
Are we going to be negative and allow ourselves to focus more on our problems than on God? We live in fear and believe that the giants have already won. God has always been there to fight the battle for us; it is you and I who choose to fight the battle ourselves. God will never force Himself upon us. It is really very simple – trust God or dwell in the wilderness for forty years! We have to be content and thankful today for everything and our burden will soon be light.
The Lord is with us. Fear them not. Numb 14 verse 9.
Be Blessed

Brenda Myburgh

* Myburgh is a motivational speaker, facilitator, MC, director, writer, actress.