Knights complete Wattbike Challenge


The Knights cricket team undertook their 600km Wattbike Challenge last week in order to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The goal was for the team to cover the distance on the challenging Wattbike within 15 hours. The team had completed an amazing distance of 588kms in the end, albeit it was 12 km short.

The challenge, undertaken in conjunction with the Sports Performance Clinic and the Love Lettie Fund, saw some of the fittest athletes in Bloemfontein partaking, including Adrian Saffy and Mike de Haast of Pure Adventures, Proteas all-rounder Ryan McLaren and various Knights cricketers.

Adrian le Roux of the Sports Performance Clinic, who is also considered to be super fit, told Courant that 40kms in an hour per rider was also a stretch, but the whole event was a success.

“The 40kms was always going to be a challenge, but that was part of the agreement initially. We knew that the guys would be able to do 35-36 kms without too much hassle. In general we decided to challenge the guys with 40kms and to be honest, we thought a few would get there.

“Unfortunately the guys ended up a bit short, but that was not through a lack of effort, the guys still did very well. Even for a seasoned cyclist to average around 40kms in an hour is really good, but for a cricketer it’s actually fantastic."

Le Roux added that the challenge is now out there to the Toyota Cheetahs, Free State Crinums and Bloemfontein Celtic!