Kiara needs help for urgent operation

Kiara found at the dumping site with severe injuries

The Bloemfontein Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) came to the rescue of little Kiara, a female dog that was found at a dumping site after being tortured by “a gang of children”. The dog was found with severe broken bones and injuries to her body after a concerned elderly lady had called the SPCA for help.

The concerned elderly woman heard the helpless Kiara howling in the early morning hours. “She explained how, when Kiara got up, the children had kicked her into the air as if she was a soccer ball. The more the lady shouted, the more they laughed and continued torturing the dog with a stick by trying to put it down her throat,” said the organisation.

According to the lady, the children got tired of torturing the dog and threw her on pile of trash. When the SPCA arrived on the scene they found Kiara laying in the dumping site. “Kiara lifted her head and wagged her tail when she saw us. Just think what she went through, and she was still alive. Wagging her tail was a miracle. We tried to find the gang of children but we were unsuccessful,” said the organisation.

Kiara needs urgent surgery as she has injuries to her muscles as well as wounds in her mouth. “The veterinarian explained that the operation needs to be done and will cost us R8000.” To help Kiara on her road to recovery, please call the Bfn SPCA on 051 447 3801.

Pierce van Heerden