‘Karate is no joke’


A 14-year-old boy who recently returned from the South African Japanese Karate Association Championship in Johannesburg with a bronze medal says karate is no joke. 
Dade Boyes, a learner from Martie du Plessis, claimed a bronze medal in the U14 (Blue Belt category). For Boyes it is all about the discipline associated with the sport.
"I always used to beg my mom to let me do karate. Karate is not a joke, you show respect to others. It also takes a lot of hard work to make your way up the ranks," says Boyes.
He practises twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at the Kovsie Karate Club. He focuses on Kata, a set combination of positions and movements performed as an exercise in karate. He told Courant he initially took up the sport as a way to defend himself. 
"Karate should not be used to attack people. It is all about respect and honour. It is very hard when you are fighting against bigger guys. But as long as you are bigger in your heart, then you can take them on," concludes Boyes. – Mark Steenbok