Kamza’s music ‘heavy and on point’

KamZa Heavypoint

Kamogelo Mcdonald Wepeng, a DJ and musician from Bloemfontein who goes by his stage name “KamZa Heavypoint”, says his latest single, Ngawe, is an appreciation song to all the gentlemen in the world who know how to treat a lady.

KamZa, who has recorded multiple songs since he started his career, has worked with a few artists on this single, including Peekay Mzee, AfroToniq, Gugu and Kaydo Matthews. He has also recently been featured on a song by Prince Kaybee, called As’ trende.

“I have always had a love for music. I think that is one reason why I went into the industry,” he told Bloemfontein Courant. KamZa added that his stage name comes from his first name “Kamogelo”. He decided to add “Heavypoint” to it because he noticed that a lot of other Deejays used the name KamZa. “More importantly, I added “Heavypoint” because I believe my sets and my music are always heavy and on point.”

KamZa added he would say his biggest inspiration is Prince Kaybee as he believes Prince Kaybee is always hustling. “He is one of the reasons why I push so hard in the music industry. I believe he is always pushing to be the best he can be, irrespective of where he is in life. He never gets comfortable at whatever level of life he finds himself.”

He explained that what he enjoys most about being in the music industry is to meet other people he can learn from. “One can never stop learning in life. No matter how long I have been in the industry, I still learn more from other people. By meeting a lot of talented people who are always ready to offer me help, I can improve my skills. It is the most enjoyable thing about this industry.”

KamZa concluded that he believes his future is bright. “I think the next two years are going to be brighter than today for me, because I believe I put hard work into my music and because I never stop trying to improve my skills, people will never get bored with my music.”

Corn Koteli