‘Just buy the blêrrie book’

Foto: Pierce van Heerden

At this stage you are hopefully aware of a brilliant new book which was launched here in Bloemfontein last week. The title is 60 STORIES. (Winking Face Emoji.) The author is a great guy. I know him quite well. (Grinning Face Emoji.)
Shameless self-promotion? Absolutely! But as you probably know, this project is for a good cause. Neither the (arrogant) author nor the publisher will receive as much as one cent from the proceeds generated by the sales of this book. 100% of the R100 cover price will be donated to the Bloemfontein branch of CHOC, the Childhood Cancer Foundation. (Thanks a million to Mimosa Mall for sponsoring the printing cost.)
60 STORIES is a selection from my weekly columns published in Bloemfontein Courant over the past four years. I had great fun revisiting these articles, even though it was quite a shock to realise how many of my own “creations” I’ve completely forgotten. Ageing is not for the faint of heart!
What I enjoyed most when I started working on the manuscript, was to write a heading for each of the selected “tales”. I could give free rein to my imagination ánd break every rule in the literary world’s rule books. Such as: Avoid alliteration. I love alliteration. How do you like this caption for one of the stories: “Wells & Welles And The War Of The Worlds.”
A wide variety of topics are included. “Keeping Spielberg Awake.” “Sticks and Stones.” “Peace in Vrede.” “A Pinetree, a Suitcase and a Nobody.” “#VoteYourselfAFarm.” “A Santa lived as a Devil at NASA.” (Read this one backwards and see what you get!) There’s even one for the rhymers: “A Balance Sheet and a Two-Way Street.”
It is not too early to start buying Christmas presents. 60 STORIES is available at Mimosa Mall or you can order it from Mahareng Publishers. Just send an email to christel@mahareng.co.za, tell her how many copies you want, and she will supply all the payment details.
To quote Nataniël: “Just buy the blêrrie book before it becomes a collector’s item!”

Albé Grobbelaar