Judgment in male nurse rape case tomorrow



Closing statements were delivered today in the case against Kadisang Michael Moema who is accused of raping a terminally-ill cancer patient while he was working as a nurse at the Oncology Unit of the Universitas Annex in Bloemfontein.

Fifty-one year old Magda Lombard accused Moema of raping her in October 2011, but passed away a few weeks after making the accusation.

State prosecutor Amanda Bester asked Judge Faan Hancke today that Moema be found guilty on one charge of rape and one charge of attempted rape.

She emphasized the DNA found in swabs taken from Lombard, saying that because nurses worked with gloves, there is no way the DNA could have landed there by accident. She also stressed that Moema was the only male nurse in the unit during that time.

Moema’s legal representative, Pieter Nel, pointed out the discrepancies in Lombard’s various versions of the event, saying she is not a reliable source. He also posed the question why Lombard did not identify Moema by name as her assailant, as he was well-known to her. The court has adjourned until tomorrow when judgment will be delivered.