Joining hands to serve communities in Bloem

Volunteers working together to build a play park for the children. PHOTO: Supplied

As part of their initiative, known as Serving Saturdays, Doxa Deo Church, along with the Reach our Community (ROC) Foundation, collaborated on an outreach project to show love and offer a serving hand to the children at Heide Primêr in Heidedal.

According to the outreach project leader at Doxa Deo church, Marnélle Prinsloo, the organisation worked on painting, digging holes, building an A-frame and playing with some of the kids that are in the ROC Foundation’s programmes. “We had the privilege of building the majority of the A-frame structure. We finalised the last details like a platform to sit and play on and also some elements that the kids can climb on this past Saturday,” says Prinsloo.

PHOTO: Supplied

The day was filled with many highlights, one being a netball match with some of the girls from the community. “It was such a privilege to spend time with them and above all it was wonderful to see so many hands come to serve on the day as there were about 30 people. Seeing the structure stand after all the hard work that was put into designing it, getting material and the physical labour that went into constructing it, was such a pivotal moment,” says Prinsloo.

The collaboration with the foundation was sparked when the leader of the ROC Foundation, Patrick Kaars, who is a part of the congregation, shared information about the work that they are busy doing at Heide Primêr, as well as the community of Heidedal.

“Patrick explained that they are dreaming of a play area for the kids that take part in their after- school programmes and we love supporting our members and investing into the city. So we decided that this would be a fun project to do. We do it under the banner of Serving Saturdays, a quarterly outreach programme that we have to show love and practically serve the city. We try to choose projects that will aid organisations in long-term sustainability and help them to serve their community well,” continues Prinsloo.

According to Kaars, the Reach Our Community Foundation’s vision is to serve, develop and transform our communities. “This is why we have been serving the Heide Primary School community for many years and have moved our office to Heide Primary School in 2019. Our aim is to support the education sector, learners, and parents in our communities by fortifying social structures, like our schools, that upholds the moral fibre in our community. We seek to address the basic needs of the vulnerable and create partnerships for individual enablement through involvement and leadership,” says Kaars.

“We want to provide a beautiful connecting space, to relax, encourage safe activity and playing. By creating green spaces, we enhance a positive identity, community pride and promote environmental awareness,” continues Kaars.

As an entity, Doxa Deo believes in serving and strengthening organisations, businesses, schools and other churches.

“This was a way for us to strengthen and empower an organisation in the city that’s busy impacting their community,” says Prinsloo.

To get in touch with Prinsloo on how you can help with one of their upcoming projects, contact 079 181 4567.

Bonolo Moloi