JF Drummies Club open to all

Jim Fouché High School majorettes. Photo: www.jf.co.za/sport/

Jim Fouché High School has been taking part in the sport of majorettes since 1991. The Primary School has been participating since 2008.

Through the years the sport has become very competitive. Due to the fact that not all schools accommodate majorettes as a sport, it took away the opportunity for many girls to enjoy this activity. This is where the dream was born of starting a private drummie club, which is not school-affiliated or associated, with membership open to any girl from any school in Bloemfontein, making it available girls from other schools who do not have majorettes as an option for extramurals.

JF Drummie Club was established in January 2011 with a senior team (High School). The Primary School team (juniors) became part of the club in 2012. At the moment the club consists of 55 members (seniors and juniors).

Majorettes is a sport that is affiliated to Sascoc (South Africa’s National Multi-coded Sporting Body). It consists of various disciplines, such as pom-poms, flag groups, mace groups, baton groups, small drill and large drill.

To join, or for more information, contact Ansa de Roubaix on 076-740-2738.