Jewellery to cherish everlasting memories

Nadine Oehley, founder and owner of LAVA Jewellers. PHOTO: SUPPLED

A designer from Bloemfontein, Nadine Oehley (33), decided it was time to set off on her own jewellery designing journey.

In 2021, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Nadine started Lava Jewellers because she saw the need for more unique and alternative forms of keepsake jewellery.

LAVA JEWELLERS also creates jewellery with cremated ash of a beloved pet. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Lava Jewellers specialises in cremation and breast milk jewellery to memorialise loved ones that have passed on and to treasure special moments shared between a mother and her young ones.

“Breast milk jewellery is made from supplied milk. It is then processed and capsulated into a fine powder and often mixed with shimmer or the baby’s hair to make it extra special.”

Nadine added that the milky powder does not expire or turn yellow and that it keeps its beautiful natural colour. When asked about the cremation jewellery, Nadine mentioned that she first sits with the client and finds out what the story behind the piece is.

“This gives me a better understanding of my client’s needs.”

The client can bring the urn or memorial box, Nadine will take about half a teaspoon, mix it with shimmer or colour, depending on the client’s request, and then encapsulate it into a piece best suited to the client.

Nadine mentioned that she enjoys creating cremation jewellery because she gets to see how much it means to the client.

“It’s about the emotional connection and the peace it brings.” Lava Jewellers is based in Bloemfontein.

To place an order, contact Nadine at 072-599-6288

Abigail Visagie