Jethro needs your help!

Jethro the dog

The story of Jethro the dog began a while ago when New Beginnings Rescue Centre received an urgent request to assist with a dog that was lying in the veld in Soutpan. A volunteer transported him from Soutpan to the New Beginnings in Bloemfontein.

When he arrived at the rescue centre, it was found that Jethro was extremely thin and weak. “The first evening felt like the longest night. We did everything we could to make Jethro comfortable, and keep him warm, but he would not eat. We prayed that he would be okay until the morning,” says Emain Fourie of New Beginnings.

In the morning, the New Beginnings team was pleasantly surprised when Jethro stood up, ate breakfast and drank water. He was taken to the vet, where they were told that Jethro was not thin and weak because of an illness; he was emaciated and malnourished. One of his back legs had been broken and he developed an infection in one of his front legs. Thus, he was unable to walk and scavenge for food.

“He had just been lying there is the veld, starving, in pain, unable to do anything about it,” says Fourie. Jethro was given antibiotics and pain medication before he was moved to a foster home where he can receive all the love and attention he needs.

New Beginnings has appealed to residents to contribute to Jethro’s full recovery. Please get in touch by emailing

Jeretha Oosthuizen