Jesus the ‘Ultimate Fighter’


Have you picked up and packed away a carpet recently? All who have done so, know that folding it like you would a piece of paper is not the way to go.
Instead, you need to start at one end and roll it to the other. Now look at the sky and imagine it being rolled up like a rug.
That’s exactly what will happen when Jesus returns for the second time. On that day, “the sky vanished like a scroll that is being rolled up”. – Revelation 6v14.
At the end of the age we will not meet a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes under the protection of mom and dad; neither will we be confronted with a carpenter wearing an apron with his tools neatly tucked away.
Instead, we will encounter a warrior who has all authority in heaven and earth (Matthew 28v18), a fighter who has established His throne in the heavens and who’s kingdom rules over all (Psalm 103v19), a general who died to make sure that those who believe in Him would live even if they died (John 11v25).
For too long has Jesus our Saviour been portrayed as a hippy who jams to the sound of UB40, sips fruit juice from a coconut shell and preaches pacifism. Let us look at what Scripture says about the resurrected Jesus.
He rides on a white horse, has eyes like flaming fire and is crowned with many crowns. King of Kings and Lord of Lords is tattooed on his thigh, from his mouth comes a sharp sword with which He will make war against those who did not bow their knee to Him in the years of His patience (Revelation 19v11-21).
This is your king, Christian, and this is your enemy, non-Christian. While today is today, pledge your allegiance to Jesus.