Jazz pianist tells African story

Andile Qongqo’s newly released album is available from various online music stores.

Renowned jazz pianist, Andile Qongqo, has released his new afro jazz album, which is winning over the hearts of music lovers with its refreshing African piano sound.

Qongqo, who hails from Bloemfontein, is not only an afro-jazz pianist, but also composer, arranger, music director, music educator, recording artist and songwriter.

The 14-track, afro jazz album, Q Siqnature, is currently available from various online music stores. “The album is for anyone who likes music. Because I’m a jazz pianist, people always assume that it’s going to be jazz, but it is not. Yes, I do have improvised solos, but the music has a fusion of afro. There are even two songs for toddlers and then also a lot of African rhythm as well,” he said.

The album’s sound is described as afrocentric jazz, with some heavily percussive piano sounds. There’s a balance of ballads, medium tempo waltz and mid-tempo dance tunes, and all songs have been composed by Qongqo himself.

“The main inspiration is to tell the African story. We hear a lot of music and stories being told from overseas, but we never tell our own stories. So, I did with this album, which is a piano solo. I tried to tell or show the world what an African piano sounds like,” added.

To find out more about Qongqo’s music and performances, follow him on Twitter: @andileqmusiq and Facebook: Andile Qongqo. – Seithati Semenokane