Janice cooks up a storm

Janice Solomons juggles work, family and cooking with ease.

Janice Solomons is the modern-day definition of a superwoman. The wife and mother of two from Heidedal definitely knows a thing or two about cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
She credits her love for food to her mother, Grace, who she says “loves to experiment with different cuisines from Cape Malay to Western cuisine”. Various dishes, such as pancakes, corn and butter, Sunday home cooked lunches and Malva pudding, take her back to her childhood.
Being the head chef of the CUT Hotel School is only one of the feathers in her cap as she also makes cooking videos for YouTube that are aimed at people of all ages.
She hopes that the videos will bring families together. These videos involve a lot of preparation including the planning of the menu, researching the various ingredients, purchasing the food that will be needed and going through the script/s for that particular taping. She is also planning on writing a recipe book which she assures us will “put Bloemfontein (Free State) on the map”.
“It is still a work in progress but while I am shooting my videos, I also make extra dishes that will be included in my recipe book. I have a very special photographer, Carine Botha, who understands what I want to achieve through my recipe book.”
When asked about how she juggles it all, Solomons says: “God is the essence of holding it all together. As a woman I give my best to be the best wife, mother and chef. The support structure I have also helps me a lot.”
Janice has some advice for anyone who might feel a little hopeless in the kitchen: “Cooking is there to enjoy and to bring family together. A person who feels hopeless should just start with the basics and take it to more advanced cooking. The main thing is to enjoy cooking.”

Molebogeng Malebo