Jan Braai encourages you to braai



The master of braai, Jan Braai Scannellis, is out and about on the Sparta National Braai Tour, urging all South Africans to celebrate National Braai Day around the fire next week.
September 24th is National Braai Day and as a build up to this, Jan, the master of braai, and his crew are on a roadshow, touring the country and visiting heritage sites along the route. The tour is to rally up nationwide excitement and comprises eight stages. The team is currently in the Free State, which is the third stage, and Jan said they had to pop in.
"It wouldn’t have been right to pass through Bloemfontein and not pop in at the Free State Stadium, the home of Cheetah rugby," he told Courant.
"I encourage Bloemfonteiners to spend Heritage Day by uniting around the fire with their friends and families, sharing our heritage. When you are around that fire, wave your flag. What’s special about this day is that it’s a public holiday. People aren’t going to work, so they’ll focus on that only."
Jan highlighted that Braai Day should not only be held on the National Braai Day; every day should be a braai day. "Uniting the people around the fire, that is in its essence nation-building and social cohesion and that really can happen every day of the year," he concluded.