It’s all in our words


Brenda Myburgh

Have you ever embarrassed yourself by saying something innocently and hear afterwards that it was totally the wrong comment to make.  It mostly happens when we ask a lady if she is pregnant, because it looks that way, and she isn’t! We are so eager to say what is on our mind. Proverbs 21v23 says, “He who guards his mouth and his tongue keeps himself from troubles.” We should never be in a hurry to speak our minds. It is important to make sure it is the right thing to say. I remember times in the past when the Holy Spirit warned me not to speak my mind, and if I did say something I would end up in hot water. The tongue can be one of the most destructive instruments we have, but that is not what it was intended to do.

We need to learn to use our tongue to build people’s confidence, compliment and encourage them. If we do not feel like doing these things we should rather not speak at all. Remember the tongue does not function on its own, the heart and mind is the path to the words we speak. Guard your heart and your tongue will make God proud.