It takes a community to serve the community

Open Market Day at Bloemshelter. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“As a non-profit organisation, we have developed our service delivery and will continue to do so for the particular population we serve.

The shelter needs the community to continue to collaborate with us and create awareness around our projects and needs,” said Heidi Morgan who manages the Women Empowerment Programme at the Bloemshelter located in Navalsig.

The occupational therapist by profession told Bloemfontein Courant she hopes that the support from both new and existing stakeholders and volunteers will generate many success stories in 2024.

“Bloemshelter is deeply grateful for the community that supports its vision and mission. We are dependent on our community to provide, maintain and develop services for the women and children in our care,” expressed Morgan.

Funding for salaries and the need for a vehicle remains a priority as this would assist in expanding on their impact within the city.

Sewing project at Bloemshelter for conference bags for national women empowerment conference. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Morgan added that the shelter has quite a few things planned for 2024, but the empowerment of women and children who become homeless due to gender-based violence or trauma and/or domestic violence and trauma will always be at the forefront.

“We have programmes and projects to support our outcomes… taking a person who has been left destitute and disillusioned to become a contributing member of society, a person whose self-worth has evolved, who will be capable of creating social change and reclaiming their lives and re-imagining their futures,” she explained.

Programmes include, among others, narrative therapy, life coaching, and garden and home management.

“We will be opening an information and service centre for homeless people, and are hopeful to acquire a new house to develop a step-up facility and house the service centre.”

Through these, the women can build a sense of self, while learning how to be independent. “It is important for our children and ladies to experience a sense of love, a home and purpose to encourage transformation in each person.

We have many beautiful stories. Broken women enter the doors and journey with us to creating a new life where hope and sustainability are core to the process.”

If you would like to get involved by lending a helping hand, contact Morgan at 079-394-0142 or send an email to to find out where you can help.

Gypseenia Lion