Interstate Bus Lines postpones annual tariff increase


Interstate Bus Lines has postponed its annual tariff increase that was expected to come in to effect on 01 July 2020. This comes after CEO of Interstate Bus Lines, George Mokgothu, noted the unintended, devastating effect the lockdown measures have had on the most vulnerable low-income groups, including job seekers.

“We believe that the temporary relief will go a long way in ensuring our valued passengers will be able to recover and to continue to support our company during this difficult period of the pandemic,” said Mokgothu.

According to a statement by the bus line, the annual tariff has throughout the years enabled the company to meet its obligations. The bus line has also indicated that implementing a tariff increase in July will not be realistic as the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on both the economy and the company’s passengers.

The date is yet to be announced after engaging with local authorities. Although the lockdown has equally been devastating on the company and threatens its sustainability, Interstate Bus Lines has considered affording its valued passengers temporary relief.

Pierce van Heerden