International jazz duo to hold Bfn concert

Mino Cinelu's gift of rhythmic invention in the words of Miles Davis, "can make any music swing!" PHOTO: CRAIG BAILEY

International jazz duo, Florence Chitacumbi and Mino Cinelu, will be performing in Bloemfontein during their Reunion Tour. Each of the two artists are world renowned musicians in their own right but will come together to tour a number of South African cities and Maseru.
According to Lesley Jennings of GigCulture, a Bloemfontein-based live events organiser, the people can look forward to new, interesting and all round good music. “The band composition is very unique. Florence is a vocalist and Mino is a percussionist and bass player so it is not a typical sidepiece kind of live band setup. These musicians are incredibly technically good,” said Jennings.

Florence Chitacumbi makes music that mixes soulful jazz, Creole beats and Congolese rhythms.

The event will be in celebration of International Jazz Day hosted by Prohelvatia. Jennings expressed that it will be a night for all lovers of entertainment. “The music is very enjoyable. Although it is jazz, it has a different flavour as the artists are French,” she elaborated. The intimate concert takes place at the Loch Logan Waterfront on Tuesday 30 April 2019 and tickets are free at Quicket.
According to Prohelvatia the two artists started working together in 2005. “The friendship between Swiss-Angolan composer Florence Chitacumbi and New York-based French multi-instrumentalist, Mino Cinélu was born out of a magic encounter in 2005 during the recording of Chitacumbi’s album, Regards Croisés, an album in which Cinelu’s percussions sublimate the singer’s voice,” it read. Cinelu has worked with industry greats such as Miles Davis, Sting and Kate Bush.
“I am thrilled to come back to South Africa to share music. For me, the Reunion tour is about breaking boundaries and to encounter ‘the other’ and their culture in order to exchange and to generate artistic collaboration,” said Chitacumbi.
Jennings said that the location of the event was important to guarantee audience enjoyment. “We are going to set up for 60 people. We want to deliver good music to the people. We had an agreement with Loch Logan and they will be supplying all the technical overhead expenses for the concert and we just give it to people for free,” she explained.
Jennings hopes that events such as these would further develop a culture of performance and arts appreciation in the city. “Sometimes people do not attend live shows because they are not sure if they would like a certain kind of music simply because they have not been exposed to it,” she said.
“The culture of attending concerts is not very big in Bloemfontein, so we have really gone out of our way to start the audience development process by making music more accessible,” added Jennings.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele