International exposure for local learner

Danielle Pienaar who is in grade 6 at C&N Primêre Meisieskool Oranje

A young scientist from C&N Primêre Meisieskool Oranje showcased her research on fly bait at the 2021 International Science and Invention Fair in Indonesia, together with learners from across the country.

Grade 6 learner, Danielle Pienaar was one of the successful entries for the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists. The Indonesian Fair took place from 21 to 24 October and was held virtually for international participants due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

Eskom Expo’s Parthy Chetty said, “It is very promising for our country to see self-motivated young scientists at primary school level competing at an international level. What is more remarkable, is that we see an increase in girls participating in Expo type competitions and doing exceptionally well.” Danielle presented her project, called “What bait does flies find irresistible?” at the fair. Her project was motivated by the fact that many South African homes are pestered by flies.

The project aimed to develop a safe and cost-effective fly trap from items readily available and compare the effectiveness of store-bought bait to affordable bait. Danielle explained that a total of 1 312 house flies were trapped in fly traps over a seven-day period. Her results showed that flies were more attracted to mince meat, rather than other meat or store-bought fly bait. Eskom’s Kerseri Pather said it was notable that Danielle’s research focused on problems experienced by her local community.

“Eskom continues to endorse its flagship initiative, Expo for Young Scientists, which aims to mould fledgling researchers to seek solutions to problems they face in their daily lives.”

Sazly Hartzenberg