Insectropolis exhibition on show


Don’t miss this year’s biennial exhibition of artworks, Insectropolis, by the very talented students from the Brisley School of Art on show from 28 September to 14 October 2018 at Oliewenhuis Art Museum. The exhibition will showcase original and spontaneous works of art created by students aged 6 to 18 years old.

From humble beginnings in a sitting room eighteen years ago, to a wonderful art studio among old wild olive trees at the Oliewenhuis Art Museum, this is how the Brisley School of Art has grown over almost two decades. Whilst many things changed over the years, one thing has always been the same at the studio: Children are encouraged to express themselves without fear of making mistakes (or a mess!).

“The school builds skills appreciation and understanding in fine arts. Working on various art projects and using a variety of media allows students to gain more exposure and understanding of how different media work. Through this art learning journey, our students’ observation skills and eye for detail are sharpened. They become more aware of the detail of things around them, and learn to appreciate things with a more aesthetic sense. Students are also continuously exposed to numerous art concepts and techniques in a simplified and fun way,” says owner Nellie Brisley.

For more information please contact Oliewenhuis Art Museum on 051-011-0525 (ext 200) or Nellie Brisley on 072-156-9948.