Indicate use of borehole water with clear, visible signage


The Department of Water and Sanitation is the rightful custodian of both surface water and ground water in terms of water use and allocation. It is of the essence that water users using borehole water put clear, visible signage of boreholes in their yards and business properties at all time.
Due to the drought the country is currently battling with, little water is available. Water restrictions are the order of the day and both communities and industries have to adhere to the restrictions imposed by municipalities and service providers in order to ease the pressure on the already stressed water resources available.
Surface water is gradually diminishing due to the lack of rain, resulting in dam levels being at their lowest as compared to the same time last year. The responsibility lies with us collectively as communities and industries to use water efficiently. Ground water is still viewed as a precious resource, be it for the fact that it comes from a borehole or not, it has to be preserved with care.
Municipalities should enforce bylaws on water use with registration of boreholes on the municipal database as a bylaw in coherence with water restrictions. All boreholes users should have clear signage of their borehole visible to the public.
A borehole user without visible signage creates a bad perception to the public of non-compliance to water restrictions. – Marcus Monyakeni