Increase in #GBV in Mangaung ‘concerning’

Policewomen in the Manguang Metro district are particularly concerned by the increase of women reporting cases of gender-based violence at the metro’s police stations.

OFM News reports that this follows the gender-based violence awareness campaign by the district’s policewomen. Bayswater Station Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Siphe Tyu, says the most reported cases involve the physical abuse of women.

She explains that following the police analysis from 20 police stations in this district, the Bloemspruit, Botshabelo, and Selosesha Police Stations have the highest recorded numbers of gender-based violence cases.

Tyu says that there might still be more women experiencing gender-based violence but who are not reporting it.

She urges more women to report cases of gender-based violence to the police stations. She further emphasises that men should also rise up and advocate against gender-based violence.