Improving Moods with new sounds


Well known in the small circles of Bloemfontein, artist and musician Angelo Mockie, has been hard at work, developing a product that will change the face of entertainment in Bloemfontein. With the help of Liezel Henning, his business partner, Mockie has developed a musical concert series set to take place at the end of every month.
“We will be using artists from Bloemfontein, Thaba Nchu and Botshabelo and there will be a different theme for the concert each month,” Mockie says. He adds that the 90-minute live music show celebrates origins and evolution of music from the 1960s to the early 2000s. “The artists will basically provide cover songs based on a song list that accompanies the theme of the month. With every song, we will provide a brief outline of the kind of music style the artist had as well as some information on what inspired the artist to sing the song,” the artist adds.
Mockie intends for the music series to serve a platform for authentic, artistic expression for local musicians with this project. The show, which will be held at popular music spot, Moods & Flavours in Heidedal, will provide fans with a live element which will allow the guests to express their love for performing arts as each artist performs.
“We chose this place because, apart from restaurants, bars, theatres and halls, it is the only place in Bloem that is a venue dedicated to music,” Mockie explains. He hopes to reignite the same spirit once more, but with younger generations.
The first concert of the year-long series will kick off on 27 May 2017, at Moods & Flavours. An acapella group from Heidedal, consisting of four attractive young men, will provide listeners with soul music from the likes of Percy Sledge, George Benson, Carl Thomas as well as many other male artists who have made great contributions to soul music.
Themed, Men of Soul, those interested in purchasing tickets for the event should call Angelo at 072 1122 771 or email him at – Pulane Choane