Imposters misleading SASSA beneficiaries


The South African Social Security Agency is inundated with calls from beneficiaries with regards to imposters visiting communities with unmarked cash vans claiming to be sent by SASSA. These imposters allegedly ask beneficiaries to swipe their cards as many as three times in some cases in an effort to maximize bank charges.

SASSA wishes to inform the public that its cash payments done through the South African Post Office (SAPO) only start from Monday 08 October 2018 and that they should ignore anybody posing as SASSA, who offers to pay them before the 08 October.

Cash payments will henceforth start on the 8th of every month and will be done by SAPO. In the past, electronic payments done through the post office, ATM’s and merchants were done from the 1st of every month. All electronic payments will start a day before the first of the month going forward.

Beneficiaries are requested to avoid requesting receipts when doing balance enquiries at ATM’s and should rather view their balances on the ATM screen to avoid unnecessary bank charges. They should also keep their PINs secret and not disclose them to anyone including SASSA officials.

SASSA wishes to inform beneficiaries that it does not endorse any financial institution or their cards. There is only one SASSA card and it is gold in colour with a SASSA and government emblem at the top on either side. Any other card without these features is not a SASSA card. If a beneficiary wants to receive their grant through a card other than the SASSA card, they have to provide SASSA with a request for bank payment form. This form is available from banks, SASSA offices and A beneficiary has the right to change their method of payment from any bank to a SASSA card as well.

Beneficiaries who wish to query anything related to their grants can call SASSA toll free on 0800-60-10-11.