The importance of HIV conferences while the struggle continues


The struggle to eradicate the spread of HIV/AIDS continues. One out of four people that are HIV positive die due to TB related diseases. This is according to Sello Makhalipi, the Free State chairperson for the Positive Action Campaign. Makhalipi mentions that South Africa needs to progress from having dialogues about HIV/AIDS and start implementing strategic plans to reduce the scourge of HIV-related deaths. He says the conference should help with the reduction of the pandemic by propelling the government to provide adequate resources. “If the conference could help political leaders to have the will to fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS, we will succeed. We need to understand that there is a need for resources, and the power to implement those resources lies with the government” explained Makhalipi. Besides what is expected from the conference, Makhalipi urges people to play a role in their communities to eradicate the spread of the pandemic.