If you’re worried about hair loss, it could be time to quit sugary drinks


Here’s one health warning that may be of particular interest to men. In addition to contributing to obesity and dental cavities, the excessive consumption of sugary drinks could promote the onset of baldness, according to a recent study from China.

As we age, hair loss can be cause for concern for many people. This hair phenomenon, also called androgenetic alopecia, mainly affects men. Generally hereditary, it can also be linked to stress and/or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some men fear it so much that many hairdressers have developed a flourishing business in the field of hair implants. But before going to such extremes, it could be worth starting by looking out for your health, by cutting your consumption of sugary drinks.

A recent study conducted in China by researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and published in the journal Nutrients at the end of 2022, highlights a potential link between the excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and the early onset of baldness.

Specifically, they found that people who drink several sugar-sweetened beverages per week (including sodas, fruit juices, energy drinks or ice tea drinks) are more likely to lose their hair.

To reach these conclusions, the authors of the study recruited 1,951 participants between the ages of 18 and 45 (only 1,082 people were retained in the final analysis). They answered questions about their eating habits and hair health.

“Emphasizing that sugar-sweetened beverage consumption could have a potential negative effect on one’s appearance could catch the attention of the young population and promote a reduction in sugar-sweetened beverage intake,” the study authors hope.

However, the small sample size of the study and the lack of conclusive research on this specific subject do not yet allow scientists to establish the existence of a causal link between the regular consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks and the risk of premature baldness.

For those fearful of hair loss, some natural solutions could help in keeping hair fuller for longer. Broccoli and cauliflower, for example, could be good additions to your plate, as they contain sulforaphane, an organic compound known to slow down hair loss.

The Citizen