IEC continues special elections in Bloem

Elsie Sekhutseng-Langfoot from Batho, Mangaung, was unable to vote during special elections today. Photos: Pierce van Heerden

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) is on the second and last leg of special elections today. Various residents of Mangaung who have registered for the special votes have been casting their ballots at home and election centres since early this morning.

These particular elections are open to those citizens such as the elderly, disabled people and pregnant women who are unable to make it to voting stations. Bloemfontein Courant visited various areas around Bloemfontein where voting took place.

Elsie Sekhutseng-Langfoot, an elderly resident in Batho, expressed her disappointment when she could not vote this morning at Boikhuco Old Age Home “I waited all day for them to fetch me to vote yesterday, but nobody came. I decided to come on my own today but when I got here they said that my name is not on the list of special voters. So now I have to come back here again tomorrow,” she said.

Presiding Officer at Boikhuco, Benjamin Magoda, explained that they had about 49 home visits to make in the voting district throughout the day. “Today things have went well so far as people have been coming in slowly but we still have quite a few voters’ rolls to go through,” said Magoda. “On our side there is nothing we can do if someone is not on the list,” he elaborated. However, Magoda said that no other instances of registered people not appearing on the voters’ roll have taken place so far. – Nomaqhawe Mtebele