ICU-bound Angelo Agrizzi promises that there’s more bombshells on the way

Angelo Agrizzi, former COO of Bosasa, a company that had contracts with government institutions, testifies at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture investigating alleged corruption under ex-president Jacob Zuma. AFP/WIKUS DE WET

Speaking from his hospital bed while hooked up to a number of beeping machines along with a steady supply of oxygen, former Bosasa COO-turned-whistleblower Angelo Agrizzi has promised that he has more bombshells to drop.

This after he was catapulted into the spotlight because of his testimony at the State Capture Commission where he sang like a canary about all the alleged illicit and untoward dealings his former employer had with government officials and top ANC leaders, allegedly in exchange for political favours.

Though Agrizzi has been facing health issues for years, his health recently took a turn for the worst during court proceedings initiated in an effort to hold him accountable for his own alleged misdeeds.

As a result, his scheduled appearance at Pretoria’s Specialised Commercial Crime Court, has been deferred until early next year as he has missed a number of court appearances between October and November 2020 due to the state of his health.

Despite his ill-health, Agrizzi held a briefing last week to speak about his hospital stay, his status as an apparent whistleblower and his latest book, Inside the Belly of the Beast – The Real Bosasa Story.

In a video interview with EWN, he said: “I never thought I’d be here for so long, I actually don’t know. When I say to you, I can’t even walk properly. I’m not the same person I used to be. But my head is strong and that’s all I bloody need.”

This after his wife made a public appearance of sorts of her own on Thursday. She went live on social media with book publisher, Melinda Ferguson, to discuss the contents of her husband’s book, as well as what life was like living in such close proximity to former Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson.

Debbie stated that she believed that there have been numerous attempts on her husband’s life during his brief stints in holding cells and in various hospitals.

Agrizzi vaguely echoed his wife’s sentiments, adding that he is not scared.

“I’m not scared if that’s a question… What more can they do to me? I can’t even walk, what more can they do? I’ve gone through worse stress in my life. I don’t want to allege anything. I’m sure Daniel [his attorney] can get the records, the medical records and they would be able to see from that.

“The doctors have their opinion, my wife has her opinion, at this stage I have my own opinion but I don’t want to express it. I believe we need to do a proper investigation,” he added.

He admitted that he was emotional about being alive despite everything he has been through because he believes that “there is so much more to tell and so much more to do”.

As such, he promised to write a second book.

“One good thing is, I’ve had a lot of time to think and a lot of time to remember and I can tell you now, the second book is coming out. They thought this one was a best seller… Forget it, the next one is going to be a killer.”

The Citizen/Kaunda Selisho