Icon Oncology honouring St John’s by donating funds

Icon Oncology Holdings and the team from St John's with the cheque of R30 000 PHOTO: Heidre Malgas

Icon Oncology Holdings, handed over a R30 000 donation to St John’s because of the help given with transportation of patients to and from Icon.

“St John’s always helps us with transportation of patients. Without your ambulances it is impossible to make sure that the patients are pain free,” Jennifer Fuller, Regional Business Manager from Icon, said when handing over the cheque.

“In St John’s we have two divisions. We have our normal staff and we then have the brigade, which is a voluntary section. We have 184 brigade members who are active and do rounds at rugby matches and various other places where a paramedic is needed,” said Jillian Mludek from St John’s.

The donation will benefit four St John’s Brigade current matriculants to attend the International Cadet Camp (ICC) South Africa 2020 in Cape Town. The camp costs R10 500 per person and the donation will assist towards St John’s sponsorship target for the year. The young cadets come from a disadvantaged school and training will aid them in their future career qualifications.

Heidre Malgas