Human Auto shows off new Proton


Human Auto showcased their brand-new Proton X50 & X70 at Central Media Park on Friday 9 December. The idea behind the event was for everyone to experience and discover affordable luxury.

Here is what the staff of Central Media Group had to say about their experience with Human Auto and Proton:

Nicolene van der Linde: “My experience with Proton was a lot of fun. I was surprised at how comfy the cars are on the inside because they look so professional from the outside. I will still need to figure out all the computer stuff, but I felt like a queen in that car. Proton makes me feel like a queen!”

Litsoamelo Ramanamane: “I got to test drive a Proton X50 and it was such a comfortable drive. I enjoyed it so much that I even wanted to go further than the distance we drove, I wanted to go all the way to Johannesburg. I would definitely get this car for all the amazing features it has.”

Rouxnette McKeating: “I was pleasantly surprised with the Proton X50 Premium. I forget what Proton looks like, the X50 Premium will immediately grab your attention. The X50 looks ‘sporty’ which I like. The outside grabs your attention but the inside is what excited me. The duel tone interior certainly makes an impression. There is also a lot of technology that impressed me, all to make your ride as comfortable as possible. The X50 Premium offers a lot to keep you safe on the road, such as 360 camera, ‘Auto Park Assist’ and then there is electronic control over speed and following distance, and much more. I especially enjoyed how the car accelerates and pulls away, not a lazy car at all, the turbo makes it comfortable to pass other cars. On the long road it is a soft and quiet ride, you will be able to listen to wonderful music.”

Tshehla Koteli: “Luxury is definitely the word to describe the experience. It is everything (and more) you could want from a car, it can park and drive itself, it alerts you if you are too close to the car in front of you, or if there is a car about to overtake you – beautiful. To top it off, it has a sunroof, what more could a guy ask for?”

Here are some photos from the test drive experience:

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