Huberta, the travelling hippo, finally visits Bloemfontein

The author of the Huberta books, Jean Marx Engelbrecht, and a character she uses to speak in the book, Betty Bright

Jean Engelbrecht is finally bringing the untold story of Huberta the hippo to Bloemfontein.

This is the story of a hippo that walked for over three years with many people speculating why she decided to leave her home and take on the journey across South Africa. She became famous as people became more and more interested in her journey and in 1931 she was declared royal game, but that did not stop three hunters from brutally killing Huberta.

Julie Kock, from the Fichardt Park Library, told Bloemfontein Courant, that at the age of 79 Jean Engelbrecht is coming to the Fichardt Park Library on 12 October this year. She explained that this will be the last opportunity for people to meet the granddaughter of the gentlemen who shot the famous Huberta.

She further said that Jean Engelbrecht also uses the Huberta books to teach children and adults how to read and write.

She asks that anyone interested in attending, please call her on 082-773-1477. -Sazly Hartzenberg