How to stop your puppy from biting


Puppies are the most adorable playmates, but those sharp, little teeth can do some damage if they are not taught how and when to use them appropriately.

Try these three tricks to stop naughty biting:

1. Yelp! 
When you watch puppies play together, you will notice a lot of nibbling and biting and now and then a yelp! Puppies self-correct each other and will let the others know when the bite was not fun by making a loud noise. If your pup bites you by accident while you are playing, let out a loud, high-pitched “ow” to show that you did not like that. Usually the puppy will be startled by the sound, stop what they are doing and be quiet for a moment. Give playtime a break to show the fun is over. Resume playing after a couple of minutes and repeat if biting starts again. Always reward good behaviour with a treat or verbal praise.

2. Have a toy nearby
Save your couch from those tiny puppy teeth, by offering a chew toy instead. There are many different toys on the market and it might take a couple of attempts to find the favourite one, but the effort is worth it. Everytime you catch your pup getting ready to chew on something they shouldn’t, substitute the shoe, sock or brush with a toy.

3. Watch those ankles
Pups often try to nibble at your feet or ankles while you walk or like to jump up your legs. Teach them to rather walk next to you by holding their favourite treat in your hand and holding it next to your side where the pup is while you walk. This will keep their focus upwards on the treat instead of down by your leather sandals.