How to keep your pets safe during the rainy season


“Most pets are scared of thunder and lightning!” This is according to Normarie du Plessis from Walkers South Africa, an animal rescue community.

She shares a few tips with local pet-owners on how they can keep their pets safe during severe weather conditions.

Normarie du Plessis. PHOTO: Supplied
  1. Google has a weather app that shows the weather specifically for your area. You can check the chance of thunderstorms in your area within 3 seconds.
  2. Should there be a chance of thunder, prepare an area safe for your pets where they will feel comfortable. “I usually leave my back door open and my TV on for my dog. Comforting sounds to drown out the thunder noise, also helps,” says Du Plessis.
  3. CHIP AND TAG YOUR PET! This is a must. Should your pet get out of the yard, it will be easy for someone to contact you if they find your pet.
  4. If your pet did get out and you are now looking for them, post a clear pic with the STREET NAME, YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION AND THEIR NAME, with any additional identification marks they may have, on the following groups:
  • Your local neighbourhood Whatsapp groups
  • Your local neighbourhood Facebook (FB) groups
  • Bloemfontein Missing Animals (FB)
  • Bloemfontein Lost and Found Pets(FB)
  • Bloemfontein Verlore en Gevinde Diere (FB)
  1. Last, but most important – keep your phone on and close by. “I cannot begin to mention how many times I have tried to contact people regarding their pets, and then the phone is off, or does not get answered,” she says.


  1. STOP & HELP!!!!  Please do not presume that “someone else” will help. You are also “someone else”.
  2. Take a pic of the animal and post on all the groups mentioned above with clear information on where it was found, street name, area, identification marks etc. And your contact info.
  3. If you are unable to keep it safe, take it to the SPCA. They have a large gate just past the normal entrance, where if you press the hooter after hours, they open up and take in the animal that you are bringing in.

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Compiled by Gypseenia Lion