Sponsored: How are engineering job-seekers matched with ideal employment?


Executive Placements has mastered the art of connecting job seekers to great opportunities. How is this being done?

Executive Placements are successful when applicant tracking systems (ATS) are unsuccessful. While ATS can store and sift through resumes based on necessary abilities, they cannot make conclusive decisions on Engineering applicants.

Recruitment firms such as Executive Placements do not depend only on application tracking systems to discover prospects, which is a relief given that these systems are imperfect. Instead, they employ various sourcing approaches to identify qualified job seekers.

Executive Placements offers more than locate qualified people for engineering jobs. They also assist individuals throughout the job search process by assisting with interview preparation, resumes, and cover letters.

Executive placements connects job seekers with employers

The finest job recruiters understand the local market, including who is hiring, who intends to hire, and who has unadvertised openings.

Having built a great reputation for providing talent, Executive Placements has developed wide networks and strong partnerships with client firms. That implies that they are aware of what such companies need.

Executive Placements connects with job seekers

Executive Placements will also learn about the applicant’s talents, objectives, work style, and desired workplace culture. It is a deeper professional knowledge than any list of traits and interests listed on a CV.

This individualised approach to engaging with job seekers is essential for putting South African engineers in engineering jobs that would make them happy.

Reviewing applications

Recruitment firms examine engineers’ resumes to determine whether individuals possess the hard and soft capabilities that advertising companies need. They will then contact and interview individuals to assess whether they meet the qualifications for the engineering job.

These interviews are essential since presenting an unqualified applicant to a customer could result in losing that business. Furthermore, a good interview gives Executive Placements a chance to discover all the information that is not on a resume.

 Interview coaching

Executive Placements advises on several facets of the interview process for engineering jobs, including corporate research, selecting career highlights and abilities to discuss, preparing for tough questions, and determining how to formally  dress.

As the one who filed your application or discussed your candidacy with the business, Executive Placements will possess knowledge about the company’s operations, workplace culture, and hiring procedure.

Furthermore, if you want to practice answering uncomfortable questions, Executive Placements can provide much needed guidance.

Therefore, by the time of the interview, you will be able to articulate confidently how you can contribute to the business’s success and why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Final thoughts

Executive Placements are a resource, but you should not expect them to be your sole resource during your job search. As it is with most great  relationships, so much of their functioning rests on timing and the rare matchmaking magic.

The true job matching offered by Executive Placements also enables companies to get suitable applicants directly for engineering jobs, allowing them to assess and hire applicants rapidly.

Furthermore, Executive Placements offers additional services such as Interview Coaching, helping engineers prepare for an interview that could land them the job.

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