Hope is in need of your help

Hope who is in need of medical assistance.

A dog called Hope is in urgent need of medical assistance. This after sustaining severe injuries when being burnt with boiling water.

The Bloemfontein Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) responded to a call and discovered that Hope had been mistreated by her owner, upon which the dog was surrendered to the organisation. Apparently the owner “did not want a dog like her”.

According to the organisation, Hope had sustained injuries whilst she was allegedly looking for food in the yard of a local residence. According to the SPCA, a by-passer who is said to hate dogs, took some boiling water and used to throw over the dog, while also beating her. “We left all our information at the house and asked the people to please contact the Bloemfontein SPCA as soon as the suspect shows up again,” said the organisation.

Hope has since been taken to a veterinarian where she has started treatment. Her wounds have to be cleaned as they are dirty and septic, and she also has to go for surgery. The other wounds also need to be treated, said the organisation.

The medical bills will amount to R6000 and the SPCA is asking for the support of the public to help with the payment of the operation and treatment.

“Hope hopes for an operation and treatment. Hope hopes to find a new home.  We ask the public to help us with donations towards Hope’s operation and treatment. Like all dogs, she will find a special new home,” said the organisation.

Pierce van Heerden