Homeschooler shines on expo stage

Grade 12 Impaq homeschooler, Relebohile Mosea.

Grade 12 Impaq homeschooler Relebohile Mosea, who hails from the City of Roses, has recently won a gold award at the provincial round of the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists.

Mosea went on to further receive an Honourry Award from the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists International Science Fair for her project, titled “A Novel Approach to Vaccine Development.

As part of her submission, Mosea conducted desktop research to identify whether nanotechnology-based capsules can both detect and treat Covid-19. Studies have shown that there are positive results in the use of nanotechnology in the detection and treatment of diseases, and Mosea found that this is possible for treating Covid-19 too.

According to Impaq Homeschooling, winning a Science Expo award in the middle of a pandemic is a major feat for any high school learner. But when you throw homeschooling into the mix, it becomes that much more interesting.

“You need to put yourself in it. You need to wake up in the morning and do it. There’s no bell and there’s no timetable that the teachers write for you. Homeschooling is really a lot of fun, but it is all about self-discipline. You need to wake up in the morning and do your work because no one is going to tell you to do it.

“The best way to do it is to really have a schedule for yourself. Follow the stuff that is on the website that is set out for you, watch videos that are there, go into lessons, and really just enjoy it. It’s just like school, except you are in the comfort of your bedroom or your desk at home,” Mosea said.

She is planning on going to university next year where she hopes to study Biochemistry or Mathematics and Physics.

“Nanotechnology has been used effectively for diagnostics and treatment of diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. Basically, I sought how to implement this technology for Covid-19 and to see how far we can use this in terms of vaccine development,” Mosea concluded.

Sazly Hartzenberg