Homely festive season awaits


The festive season is known as a time when families come together to celebrate, travel to their desired holiday destinations or spend time at home to get in some well-deserved rest.

Due to the nature of the year 2020, Bloemfontein Courant stopped to ask the community what they will be doing for the rest of the festive season. Sizakhele Chabangu says because of the second wave of Covid-19, she will be spending the holidays at home with family, cooking and listening to music.

Sizakhele Chabangu

“The President said that it could be our last Christmas, so we should follow the regulations. Merry Christmas!” Leshana Henning said that for her family the ideal holiday would have been to experience the beach sand between their toes in Durban and to visit uShaka Marine World. “But after the year of having to play many roles, we will be relaxing and spending time together at home and the closest we will get to water, is our neighbours’ swimming pool.”

Leshana Henning

Beatrice Ludidi explained that 2020 has challenged everything we know, but it has also presented us with the opportunity to take stock of what matters most. “We plan on spending this festive season intimately at home, highlighting and celebrating the important things in life: good health, laughter and love, over hearty home cooked meals.”

Beatrice Ludidi

Sunet Grundlingh says their plans for the holidays include going to Cape Town for a few days until Christmas and then coming back. “We would have stayed at home but after a year like this, we need some desperate time out of the house as a family with some close friends and family, some of whom we haven’t seen in six years.”

Sunet Grundlingh

Another Bloemfontein resident, Meloney Sharrif, says she will be cooking a nice meal for her kids and have some quiet time at home watching movies and playing board games.

Meloney Sharrif,

“This will not be the ideal holiday for me as I love being with my family this time of the year.” Litlhare Makeba says that he is planning to spend his festive season planting maize, managing the backyard vegetables and controlling weeds as he feels this will help him not get affected by Covid-19 and will also be form of isolation from exposure to Covid-19.

Litlhare Makeba

Sazly Hartzenberg