Home is where the art is


People of Bloemfontein, prepare yourselves for an art experience like no other when the organisation Infini3 launches its unique art project in Rocklands on Saturday 27 May.
According to a press statement issued by Infin3 the Rocklands Art Exhibition will provide a stage for talented artist in visual arts, crafts, and entertainment to showcase their work.
“With the Rocklands Art Exhibition we would like to promote awareness of South Africa’s cultural heritage; build on indigenous knowledge; encourage sustainability in the commercialisation of traditional, contemporary and transitional art; and create economic streams for artists and the broader community.
“With this we aim to address poverty and create and strengthen market access for the artists. We hope to position our artists to become financially independent and empower the broader community,” says Infini3.
During the one-day art exhibition, which will start at 11:00 and end at 15:00 in Ngalo Street in Rocklands, the organisation will provide a safe environment for artists and visitors alike. Everybody is invited “to come and experience this magnificent way of exhibiting art work and experience cultural exchange”.
Transport will be available from College Court to Rocklands and back, but all reservations must be made by no later than 12 May. Only limited space is availability, so the sooner you secure your space, the better.
For reservations, contact the Infini3 office on 051-446-0579 between 09:00 and 15:00. – Pieter Delport