Hijacked victim speaks of ordeal after car was found


One of the men who were hijacked over the weekend is still shocked because he never expected to be hijacked in Bloemfontein.

Tebogo Aphane, originally from Mpumalanga, was hijacked at a driveway of residential flats in Universitas on Saturday, by hijackers in a white VW Polo with a Western Cape registration number. Aphane was with a friend and says the hijackers were unarmed but kept saying they were going to shoot them when they took their phones. Aphane’s car was recovered in Universitas when he drove past it on Sunday.

“We all know that crime is rife everywhere but I have been in Bloemfontein for the past five years and I haven’t been a victim of crime, finding the car was an absolute relief. Three hours before I was hijacked, I got a warning from my friend who’s also from Mpumalanga, saying he was nearly hijacked. We laughed at him because we didn’t expect that and three hours afterwards we were hijacked.”

Aphane warns motorists to be careful of the white Polo that has allegedly been used by hijackers around Bloemfontein since last week.

 “The car was parked next to a student house and we thought that maybe the hijackers were there at that house. We called the police for backup. Motorists should be very careful, it appears as though it is the same car that has been doing hijackings around Bloemfontein since last Wednesday. It is a white Polo Vivo and there are three guys. The car has a Western Cape registration number of CY, but the rest of the number we couldn’t see. At the police station, while I was giving my statement, another guy came in and said he was hijacked by the same car.”