Higher learning institutions need to prioritise prevention of rape at campuses


Higher learning institutions need to prioritise the prevention of rape occurring at campuses.

This is according to Netty Ramatlabana, one of the organisers of the ‘No Bra Protest’ that will be taking place at the Central University of Technology’s (CUT) Bloemfontein campus this afternoon (Friday).

More than 200 participants are expected to march outside the CUT library building to different management offices on campus.

Ramatlabana says rape is not only a student or female issue, but an issue that institutions need to start paying attention to.

The march is a result of a dialogue that took place last week during a debate forum.

According to Ramatlabana, a large number of males thought women asked to get raped by what clothes they wear or their behaviour.

“We basically decided that it doesn’t matter what any woman is wearing because anyone can get raped from any outskirts. We therefore decided to hold the protest. After we had that debate, people started to come out, both male and female, especially the gay community, and revealed that they have been raped but they couldn’t say anything because they’re gay. They thought it would probably be seen as something as unacceptable or unreal. Due to such instances, we thought that we should give a voice to other people and make the perpetrators uncomfortable,” she says.

Refilwe Gaeswe/Courant News