High tea held for children with learning disablities

Chantel Stilo

A high tea was held in Heidedal this morning to raise funds for children with learning disabilities. Learners who have learning disabilities in our communities are often portrayed as “naughty” and their disabilities are not taken serious, said Chantel Stilo, organiser of the high tea.

“We are raising funds to be able to sponsor these learners with software and an electronic pen that will make reading and writing easier for them, ” she added.
During her speech, Stilo said that there are not many schools who cater for black and coloured children with learning disabilities. “Although there are such schools available, not many learners are able to afford the rates and prices of these schools.

There are not schools in the coloured community that caters to these learners’ needs and this is where learners start to derail and drop out of school because their needs are not understood.” Joannea Klein, a guest at the High Tea, told Bloemfontein Courant that this is the very first event for this initiative. “It may be small but there are plans for many more to be hosted.”

This is for creating awareness that we need to help people with disabilities in our communities. All proceeds and ticket money goes to the children with learning disabilities,” said Klein.

Heidre Malgas