A high percentage of assaults on women in their homes – Stats SA


The most common assaults usually occur in our homes, across all ages, reports Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) in the most recent release of statistics for 2014/15.

A victimisation survey confirms that females are mostly assaulted either at home or in somebody else’s home. According to Stats SA, seven in every ten (71,6%) divorced, separated or widowed individuals were assaulted at home. This makes up the largest percentage of assaults at homes. The second largest percentage of 71,2% is people aged 60 years and older who are assaulted.

According to the statistics is 57,8% the assaults at home females.
These assaults are usually happening within romantic relationships and females become victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). It is suspected that reasons for such high percentage in IPV cases are often due to unreported cases.

According to the Stats SA victims may decide that it is a family issue and also be solved by themselves or family.
However, people that are more prone to be assaulted on street and not at home, are people living with someone. They make up 44,9% of the assaults.

The majority (57,9%) of people who are single and never got married, might be assaulted rather in the street as at home.

It is reported that the most common reason for assaults at home is anger towards a person with percentages ranging from 39,5% in 2011 up to 45,1% in 2014/15;
The second biggest reason for assaults is jealousy with percentages of 20,5% in 2011 up to 22,2% in 2014/15.

Statistics also show that the perpetrators of assault are usually relatives or spouses who are angry at a family member/person or are driven by jealousy.

Males, on the contrary, are most likely to be assaulted at the entertainment area/bar or tavern. The majority of perpetrators on street and at entertainment areas are known or unknown people in equal proportions.

There is also a correlation between the victim and offender and whether or not they are under the influence of drugs or/and alcohol with assaults in entertainment areas.

Lerato Sebe/Courant News