High numbers of human trafficking will not be reduced by new travel regulations: IRR



The new travel regulations enforced by the Department of Home Affairs next month, will not only curb the tourism sector but will also not assist in decreasing the high cases of human trafficking.

This is according to Institute of Race Relations spokesperson Meinke Steytler who says these sorts of regulations won’t stop human trafficking because it is easy to forge documents, instead government should rather focus on job creation and skills development.

"Human trafficking is a huge problem in the country and changing the travel regulations and therefore possibly curbing a very a vibrant sector like tourism, which can really help with skills, education and job creation. We don’t see why it’s begin given such priority when they are far more important things as well," she says.

According to S-CAPE Home, a place of safety and restoration for young women coming out of trafficking and sexual exploitation, it’s estimated that South Africa has 30 000 child prostitutes with a vast majority of them are young women under 18 years of age.

Further studies show that South Africa is one of the main countries for human trafficking activity.