Help Roo throw a party for a crèche in need

Roo, the New Beginnings mascot, has a special place for children and will throw a party for them this December. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Roo the New Beginnings mascot has been visiting schools and businesses since 2018 and this year he wants to throw a party for a local crèche as kids have a special place in his heart.

“Roo is actually quite an introvert. He heals in his own ways. When it comes to kids, he loves to be with them and doesn’t mind them patting him. They must just be gentle with him. He also senses if a child has problem or if they are heartsore Roo is amazing and so gentle with little ones.”

Natalie Kotzé from New Beginnings told Bloemfontein Courant that she eventually decided to stop at a school she drives past almost every day. On this day she introduced herself to three teachers who took her around the school.

“The kids are awesome and most come from a poor background. They don’t have much. New Beginnings spoilt them with educational toys and we kitted their place out for them. They were so thankful,” she explained. It was then when Feathers of Hope Day Care in Brandwag received an early Christmas miracle that will lead to the “BEST party ever for them.”

The school takes in children from five months to six years old. There are about 25 learners at the school, but the numbers change from time to time. According to the founder, Puleng Ntshona, the assistance from New Beginnings is truly a blessing.

“It means a lot to us because, at the moment, the crèche is not really making much of a profit. We are really struggling to provide things like toys and are trying our best to do what is best for the kids and to assist their parents. So, them helping us, comes as a blessing,” she expressed.

“To make his dream come true the public can sponsor a child for only R150 per child. This will include a toy, and a nice lunch hamper or party box which I will make. We plan on making it a very special day,” Kotzé said.

Help Roo put a smile on their faces on 6 December 2023 by following New Beginnings or Something About Roo on Facebook for more information.

Gypseenia Lion