Heights, camera, and action!

Blessing Moatlhodi is on a mission to explore some of the tallest buildings in the city. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Fuelled by the daring curiosity to explore all that life has to offer, a local YouTube content creator and adventure seeker has embarked on a journey to document some of his expeditions while celebrating the beauty of the city.

Blessing Moatlhodi, who goes by “He’s Cortezz” in the digital world, is on a mission to inspire and entertain his subscribers on YouTube through the adventurous challenges he goes through by creatively capturing and editing his interactive videos.

“My journey has been a basement of excitement and growth, inspired by a very infamous quote that says “Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger” by Steve Maraboli. It’s been an incredible ride, filled with highs and lows, but each adventure has left me richer in experience and perspective,” said Moatlhodi.

Climbing and adventure have become an example of living life to its limits, pushing boundaries, and embracing what he does not know. Moatlhodi dared to conquer the heights of Loch Logan Park to share the beauty of the city with the rest of the world, a climb that needed thorough planning and understanding of the limitations when it came to the law.

“Safety measures, including equipment checks, routes, and communication, were arranged to ensure a successful video but all was caught on camera! I respect the law and our community with all my adventures. I ensure that every adventure is conducted with full adherence to local regulations and conservation principles,” he said.

Moatlhodi recalled how his joints suffered the day after the climb but his passion for storytelling is what keeps him motivated. “My advice to upcoming content creators is to embrace these challenges as opportunities for growth. Stay adaptable, be prepared to think on your feet, and never lose sight of your passion and vision.”

From his city to rural adventures, Moatlhodi believes that every corner of the city offers something special. Each experience deepens his appreciation for Bloemfontein and his followers can follow this journey.

“I am dedicated to exploring new levels, pushing boundaries, and showcasing the best of Bloemfontein and beyond… Together, let’s continue to celebrate the adventurous spirit of our city and inspire others to go on their own memorable YouTube journeys,” he concluded.

Gypseenia Lion